About Us

Botan mowing with a scythe

Welcome to the Scythe Revolution. This is Botan Anderson. I have more than 20 years of experience scything on a farm, and more than 15 years teaching workshops and private lessons on how to use a scythe. I import and sell a complete selection of the top-of-the-line scythe equipment from Europe.

I became interested permaculture in the 1980s, after seeing a film called the One-Straw Revolution. In 2000, I started Mystic Prairie Eco-Farm, and the first tool I bought for it was a European scythe. In 2006, I attended an International Scythe Symposium in Canada, and learned from 6 scythe experts there, and became a member of the International Scythe Network. Two of the experts were engineers from the Schroeckenfux scythe factory of Austria, and they set me up to import and sell Fux brand scythe equipment here in the USA. I debuted these Fux scythes at the 2006 ACRES USA Trade Show, and then began teaching scythe workshops and selling scythes from my farm. In 2009, I started the website OneScytheRevolution.com and created online instructional information and an online store. In 2023, realized I needed to upgrade my old website's e-commerce abilities, so I will be transitioning my shopping cart and linking to this Shopify site.

The Schroeckenfux factory has made a video showcasing the workmanship and quality that goes into the manufacturing of the scythes listed in this store. 

Botan Anderson