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Scythe Revolution

Grass Blade Scythe Outfit

Grass Blade Scythe Outfit

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The "Gartensense" or Garden Scythe is a great general purpose blade for grass, cover crops, young weeds, and for trimming around trees and along fences. Outfit includes an Arctic Fox whetstone (400 grit) and a Bull Thistle whetstone (120 grit), a plastic whetstone holder, and a hardware packet. The blade is triple-peened by the factory, so it is sharp and ready-to-mow. The snath has ergonomic, adjustable grips, a snath-saver bracket and a fitted ring. All our scythe blades are interchangeable on this snath.

Size 2 comes with a 150cm snath and a 60cm blade and fits mowers 5'0" - 5'8" tall.

Size 3 comes with a 160cm snath and a 65cm Blade, and fits mowers 5'6" - 5'10" tall.

Size 4 comes with a 170cm snath and a 70cm blade, and fits mowers 5'10 - 6'7".

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